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CUSTOMER OBSESSED - Our focus is making your life simpler. This includes making sure jobs are done right. We use software and technology to make sure the customer experience is seamless from start to finish so that our customers are our biggest fans.


GIVE BACK - Making sure we give back to the communities we service is priority. From providing work, to service and charity work, it is key for us to be grateful and give back around us.


INNOVATE AND EXPAND - Within our mission to simplify living, we are committed to always innovating the way we provide service to the best and safest methods. We are also committed to offering a broad spectrum of services and continually expanding so that customers can deal with one company.

Shovelling Snow
Lawn Strip

At Home One, our mission is to SIMPLIFY LIVING THROUGH PROFESSIONAL EXTERIOR HOME SERVICES.  As life gets busier, we know we all have less time to get some of the advanced home care tasks completed.  On top of that, there is no easy way to get all of these taken care of efficiently. Home One was started to fill that void.  We come to you! We strive to offer multiple services so that you can spend the time doing what you love.  No calling multiple companies or coordinating multiple schedules and services.  Let HomeOne handle it.   

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